Benefit News Round Up Time

Supreme Court expected to decide if it will take up the case of the individual mandate in health care reform on November 10th. Insurance companies are busy making up lots of contingency plans for every possible scenario.

The Wall Street Journal details more consolidation in health insurance. The big players are eating up all of the smaller, regional players.

In obvious news, AHIP felt compelled to do a study that shows that insurance companies will pass on extra taxes that will hit them in 2014 to the employers.

The majority of Americans are fine picking on smokers. An NPR-Thomspon Reuters Health Poll found that 59% of respondents felt that smokers should pay more for health insurance. Whereas only 31% support overweight or obese people paying more.

States have a combined total of 2,156 different health insurance mandates as of 2010. This explains why employers like ERISA/self-insurance and the ability to offer a uniform health plan.

Insurer websites suck according to a new survey of consumers. 59% of consumers say that health insurance websites need improvement.

UCLA has another data breach. If you bring your work home, don’t leave a piece of paper lying around with your passwords.

American Express, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America equalize benefits for same sex partners in the next round of companies to join into the trend.

Michigan decides to add a 1% tax on health care claims and annoys all Michigan employers in the process who will have to figure out the required reporting.

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